Ibex Gallagher Power Fence TM - Farm & Wildlife

If you area planter/farmer, your crops are protected from damage by cattle or wild animals. If you are near a forest area with animals like Elephants, Gaur (Bison), Sambar, Wild  Pig or Deer, Power Fence™ will effectively stop all wild  animals  without killing or hurting them.   

So you need not worry about Forest Department harassing you for the death of wild animals nor will you be bothered by the long process of claiming small amounts of compensation for wild animals damaging your crop. If you work for the Forest Department, it will keep the wild animals within the confines of the park, thus  reducing man-animal conflict.

"Man-animal conflicts have become a concern now because of increasing pressures on land and destruction or deterioration of traditional habitats of wild animals. Without adequate easing of  this conflict, the problem is going to worsen.  
The superiority of Ibex Gallagher Power Fence™ systems over  other measures is unquestionable.  Moats, ditches, trenches,  stone / rubble walls, barbed wire and even chain-mesh fences are passive barriers and have little or no effect on some animals like the elephants.   
Today in India, effective control of crop damage by wild animals has been possible only with high quality Ibex Gallagher Power Fences. The Ibex Gallagher Power Fence™ systems are being  widely used asan effective wildlife management tool in reducing Man-animal conflicts in all the protected national parks and sanctuaries."  

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